strokes – again

HERE WE GO AGAIN…. not falling, just getting on with life…… I’ve been physioed a few times since coming home, not really enough, or really very effective. He left a print out of some exercises (which were much of the same things we used to do in hospital) useful in their own right, but really it is repetition of what I do in everyday life anyway. What I did find, which was rewarding in knowledge building, was a vast amount of useful info on the web. It is amazing the amount of time that surfing the web can take up, which is, in itself, a valuable part of rehab, as well as the therapeutic part of the manual dexterity needed, just to type. As well as the mental side of things.

On various sites I found a whole load of suggestions, of which some were really useful, and once I had picked them out, and printed the results, I was able to put them to work on my long-suffering old body. It’s surprising what can be achieved with some effort. Knowing what needs to be done is one thing. Being able to do it, safely, can be totally different as I found out on many occasions. However, in spite of some slight mishaps I am still progressing in the right direction.

Apart from physiotherapy routines, while surfing the net, I also found a lot more. Throughout my working life I was never out of employment, and so I am a fully paid up member of society. I have never been in a position to claim benefits or unemployment money, although I have used the good old NHS those times it has been urgent, and now – now that I am a stroke victim – I find that I am entitled to claim some benefits. The authorities that know about these things are very helpful. The internet has all the details of what we are entitled to, and how to get it. It is not an intrusive procedure once, or before, you get there. However you’ll need the patience of a saint to wade through the minefield that is called ” “to find out about it all. They do not make life easy that’s for sure. It depends on personal circumstances, but the rewards can make all the difference to people like us – to the tune of a three figure sum in our wallets every week! As well as all of that, you can do as I did, ask for help. Age UK were instrumental in helping me with a few things once I had swallowed my pride and said “please”

Then too I was able to find many aids that would have been invaluable from the day I escaped from hospital instead of some items they “thought” I would need. So I sent back the things I neither wanted or used, and saved my allowance to buy the things I needed. It would have been good to have them from day one, but better late than never I suppose. I could have saved the NHS a lot of money if they had said “what do you need at home” within set limits of course.

Dinner time now (using some of my acquisitions) so I’ll save the next bits for next time, It’ll worth coming back I assure you, so ……..   Watch this space…………



Author: tonys1stroke

I am a 74 year old stroke victim (partially paralysed), but in recovery mode, who wishes to share information (in both directions) as a means of gaining improvements from our experiences.

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