Stroke Rehab

Hi everyone, I said I’d be back, and here I am,

Not much has happened recently, so not much to report……I’ve not fallen again, and  there are small improvements showing all the time, They will continue.                                Unfortunately time isn’t on our side in this instance so we need to do something about it ourselves.

Some of the improvements have been helped by those extra aids I mentioned last time – for instance, the mini exerciser has been letting me loose to have a good work out, and continues to help with flexibility problems, if this and some of the following were taken into consideration it may be a beneficial thing, both to patients and to our NHS, by saving them money. For example, the much unloved – unneeded – commode chair which I returned unused almost as soon as I got home because it just was not needed, and took up a lot of space.

What would have been good was access to things like a support sling which I really needed for my shoulder, (which is extremely painful in the joint, since it now swings loose all the time), also –

We all need to eat, and it is good to be clean about it, so the offer of things like specialised cutlery (where applicable), –  a high lipped plate to avoid spilling food, – a non leaking and non slip mug which can’t be knocked over, a non slip place mat that holds plates in place when in use(has anyone heard of a non slip glove which would help us to carry items without droppages or spillages).                                                                                       Also useful has been my tablet dispenser(although I am cutting some of them out), my leg lifter/puller to help me to get into my car, amongst other things, the wrist brace to hold my wrist in position, the foot and ankle support brace, to correct foot drop, – the grabber (which is invaluable and very versatile), the outdoor step and a grab rail which I currently use to practice stepping up and stepping down.                                                           A definitive list to help us to find suppliers, (I always use Amazon, who rely on good prices and fast delivery to promote their image), but all relevent suppliers anyway who can offer these things, and others which may be useable.

Also too, a list of those agencies that set out to help us. They are all excellent but somewhat repetative in what they offer. The only non-repetative one is the official one, but, oh boy, what a minefield it is to find your way through. Every one is entitled to some form of help, but not everyone can find it, I always worked and paid my way, I have never claimed any form of benefit, been lucky I guess, help is never easy to take, and VERY hard to find, and now that I find myself in need it took me weeks to find out about what is available, the help by the authorities to point us in the right direction would be invaluable. Try asking us for advice, you never know, we MIGHT even have some good ideas.

Sounds like one long moan I suppose, but it’s not meant to be. The object is to highlite what is available and where to get it from, and to make friends on the net. The NHS staff are really excellent, and any complaint I have is miniscule, and not worth your time to read, but the system IS at fault, and as with many things these days could be improved. It’s the usual story I guess – too many chiefs and not enough indians, poor use of available funds by the so-called “managers” who get paid far too much and don’t really earn it is leading to this situation, now is the time to act to make improvements.

MOAN OVER and thanks for reading, if anyone wants any info – just ask.

I shall carry on keeping the blog going, and sharing my rehab experiences with you, so                                                              WATCH THIS SPACE.                                                                      Full recovery can take up a whole lot of time – so can blogging – and I can be long winded.

Author: tonys1stroke

I am a 74 year old stroke victim (partially paralysed), but in recovery mode, who wishes to share information (in both directions) as a means of gaining improvements from our experiences.

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