Stroke Rehab

Last night I had a dream ….. I threw myself at the floor ,,,, I missed ,,,, Thank god !

But dreams can be funny things can’t they. I’ve dreamt about all sorts of things over the years, with a total lack of memory most times, I regret to say, but I do remember falling a hell of a distance a few times. (falling out of bed I guess) These days it’s more likely to be about things I remember doing that I used to really enjoy, like driving a car, for pleasure, as well for my voluntary work.   I used to take stroke victims (plus people with other problems) to hospitals and clinics all over the place, for treatment – operations etc; and really enjoyed their company. I keep telling myself “I’ll be back”, and I will one day, soon I hope. That’s a dream I won’t forget !

Actually I seem to have given up falling down (fingers crossed) but isn’t rehab a slow progress, or so it would seem to me. But I shouldn’t moan too much, cause every day I see something new, or something I can do better, so progress is being made…….slowly…VERY slowly….Although I really can’t see a return to total fitness, no matter what I do. (I don’t see that as a defeatist attitude, rather as a realistic one really) One day … I might even run a marathon.                                                                                                                                                      That’s a real dream!  but you never know, so WATCH THIS SPACE !…

Author: tonys1stroke

I am a 74 year old stroke victim (partially paralysed), but in recovery mode, who wishes to share information (in both directions) as a means of gaining improvements from our experiences.

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