Well, at least we’re alive – well I am anyway. Couldn’t wish for much more really.

The other saying we had/have is “Hard life ‘innit”some of you may remember that one. Well it still is (thank him up there), but by heck in don’t half hurt at times (his fault)

My joints are shot – especially my hip and left shoulder joints – and my ankle and wrist on the left (paralysed) side are seized up, leading to lost sleep and hours of acute pain, and my hips are up the creek, but so what – if I can feel it all, at least I am still aware, and I have found that the use of heat bags we got from Dunelm Mill a few  years ago alleviates the pain to a degree, so there is a bright side of life – as there always is if we look for it.Also  on the bright side – my son in-law repaired the shelf I broke when I fell a few months ago, and what a good job he did. Thanks pal. The help and support of close family is humbling believe me.

Too – my printer is up and running again – quickly replaced by good old Amazon. Saved the day again.

Finally my (new) physio is GOOD, and has started my wife off with exercises for me to continue my rehab with. I swear she  enjoys doing it (causing me pain I mean), but I don’t mind really – every OUCH is a step forwards, and it’ll get there one day.

So there we go again – there’s good and not so good in everything (no BAD really) and life goes on so we’ve not really much to moan about if we think about it.

I’ve weaned myself off the anti depressant tablets – half a pill a week – and so far no effects – I’ll keep you advised. I suppose I’ll let the Doctor know one day as well. I sometimes think the one who put me on them did so “just in case” because by then I was over the stroke and starting rehab, and I was not depressed at all. Still  – I can control my own life, and being happy doing it is a major plus. So  – when all’s said and done – aren’t I lucky.

See ya soon

Author: tonys1stroke

I am a 74 year old stroke victim (partially paralysed), but in recovery mode, who wishes to share information (in both directions) as a means of gaining improvements from our experiences.

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