The  local council has c****d up again.

I can live with flannel washes, just as well really, last time I was able to use a bath was several years ago because of arthritis related problems, and a shower was last had on December 12th 2016 after my stroke and before going home from hospital.

They refuse to take a CHARITABLE DONATION, which has been offered and could speed things up, but WILL put in a wet room SOMETIME (it’s a social housing old persons bungalow) but they don’t consider it to be an urgent matter! (bet they had a proper wash today, I must smell awful). One day I’ll be clean again – what a day that’ll be, I look forward so much to it.

But the real problem came this month – as a partially paralysed stroke victim I was given an attendance allowance at the highest level. (OF COURSE, as an OAP, not until I had been ill for the statutory waiting period of 6 months during which time of course I only might have been ill, (I just happened to be in hospital FOR A COUPLE OF MONTHS) It’s odd how you are considered eligable for it all until 23.59 on the last day of normal life, and then all of  sudden you become an OAP, and your rights disapear and you have to fight every step of the way, just to qualify for a reasonable standard of life, when you are least able to stand up to be counted. Maybe I should have been born abroad – I’LD GET IT ALL THEN  – AND QUICKLY !!!

My wife was also allowed to request, and got , an allowance of sorts as a carer, and that is where the real problems kicked in. MDDC have admitted they MADE A MISTAKE – Ok we all do sometimes –  even me -as they couldn’t pay us the cash, they were supposed to increase the amount of benefit given. Instead of this, which would have effectively given us an increase of about £120.00 a month in our bank, they stopped all allowances on rent and council tax, and instead took the money from our bank account.

END RESULT – adding it all up – we are around £250.00 worse off each month (at least by my reckoning) than we should be – we may eat during week 4 this month  who cares –  APPARENTLY NOT THE MID DEVON DISTRICT COUNCIL STAFF, and, they said, they might eventually refund the cash they have taken. Good of them, so far they have only got a little bit !!!

I WONDER WHEN ! The attitude of the staff throughout most of this episode leaves a lot to be desired!

When I stopped working, I supported my family totally for 7 years – never asking for help – rather than begging from the state, (which used up all our lifetime savings of around £100,000), and now in our time of need ………….


It seems NOT in the local authority offices, where the needs and feelings of others just don’t seem to count anymore.


Mean time – back on the ranch – everything else is well.

Age UK is helping us with the above , but it’s all going too slowly for me, as usual, but in spite of it all ( even the MDDC ) I’m still laughing through the pain,

Keep going folks WE WILL WIN.


(Forgive the sarcasm and the moans – it had to be said, and it’s made me feel better to say it)

Author: tonys1stroke

I am a 74 year old stroke victim (partially paralysed), but in recovery mode, who wishes to share information (in both directions) as a means of gaining improvements from our experiences.


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