I wonder who does really care. Sometimes I think NO-ONE! apart of course from those near and dear, and thank goodness for them.

I’d like to LIVE ’til I die, ….  and die I will surely  one day, as we all will – but not yet

During my life I have subscribed to the idea that I should be self funding/supporting, and so here I am – debt free and broke. I’ve spent every penny we had to support me and my wife since retiring early, and spending hours and hours being a volunteer driver to look after those who needed care, rather than beg from the nation, it gave me great pleasure to give, and now that I have arrived at the point of claiming those miniscule benefits that I am entitled to, my local council has spat on me from a great height. Should that be an” h” and not a” p” I wonder. I think SHPAT will cover it.

Instead of paying out  the small carers payment due to my wife in my infirmity, they have STOPPED all our benefits ( without a by your leave) AND added what should have been a reduction leaving us  about £250.00 short of what we need to live on – every month. We’ll try not to starve.

They have admitted that the mistake was theirs, and very kindly indicated that they MAY refund the money, which they have taken without discussion or permission,  at some date in the future, when – or presumably, IF they get round to it. GOOD OF THEM isn’t it.

So – apart from being uncharacteristically sad ( about being pissed off ) and having been shpat upon from a great height by the council – isn’t it GOOD to be here. At least I can still have a whinge.

Nothing else of moment is happening in my life, I’ve not been terrorized by any losers lately (may their god rot ’em, and our government send ’em home)  I am still shuffling on, and gaining inch by inch, as I hope you all are, and I’m still looking forward to sharing my life with you all.

See you soon



What a SAD person I must seem ……….. I’m not……..REALLY

Author: tonys1stroke

I am a 74 year old stroke victim (partially paralysed), but in recovery mode, who wishes to share information (in both directions) as a means of gaining improvements from our experiences.

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