You know, I’ve become depressed at my needs for anti-depressants  –  depressing innit.

Yesterday I suddenly started to cry again over silly emotional things.  Then I cried because I was crying. How silly is that. But let’s not think of that – it’s depressing. Almost makes you cry to think about it !

The good news is I’ve stopped crying in favour of laughing – it feels so much better to do. The not so good news is it took some anti’s to get me there, I’ll kick the habit one day though.

Its’ a set back, and I don’t take kindly to those,  AGAIN  though – looking on the bright side  – it sets me a challenge, and I thrive on those!


As will we over those stupid losers who subscribe to such insanity as suicide type bombs,

Hasn’t any body taught them anything? Dieing hurts sucker, and only satisfies your own stupid needs.

Still – the more of you who choose to die — the more of US who will survive and WIN – so carry on – KILL YOURSELVES – I for one won’t mind one little bit.

In fact that in itself is an ANTI – ANTI DEPRESSANT

Be here again soon.



Author: tonys1stroke

I am a 74 year old stroke victim (partially paralysed), but in recovery mode, who wishes to share information (in both directions) as a means of gaining improvements from our experiences.

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