It’s cloudy with sunny  intervals again – bit like rehab I suppose – but highs exceed lows today.

I feel sunny most of the time,  although my arms are aching following a period of exercise on the bike. 300 Revolutions got my joints moving a bit. Tomorrow will be actual pedalling the thing on the floor – I’ll let you know when I can, through my groans.

They do say “NO PAIN – NO GAIN” so, IF  they are right I am going to gain a lot.

Looking out on the world it is one which I would like to be out in today (ignoring the high wind) – the sunny intervals are bright, the air is clear, and the birds are singing. The postman brought good news, and no unwanted advertising for a change, I have won my latest battle with the council, and I feel chipper. What more could I ask for?                                                                      Apart from lots of good health and money – it’ll come !

I’ll also let you know when that happens,  be positive -it will come.

Strawberries for tea, fresh from the farm today, so I’ll go now. (listen for the slurp.)

See you soon.


Author: tonys1stroke

I am a 74 year old stroke victim (partially paralysed), but in recovery mode, who wishes to share information (in both directions) as a means of gaining improvements from our experiences.

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