I can walk further, and faster than before. (Before now I mean, not before the stroke), by the same token, as the days go by there are so many things that I can do – better mostly – that it becomes difficult to think of what to do next to feel good about. But I am trying.

Today, for example, I didn’t take a trip (that was last week) I tripped and fell again, much to my chagrin because it was after a two month break and I thought I had that under control. THE GOOD NEWS IS I managed to get myself back up and walk away from it, unhurt  completely, other than to my pride that is. Y’know it takes a whole lot of energy to get up when you’re semi crippled, and it is draining, but is immensely satisfying when it’s a first, and it lends confidence both to my wife and myself.  I’ve decided though that I will not keep practising the manoeuvre.

AM, however, taking another sort of, much more satisfying trip.Twice a day and every day I am going out of the front door, negotiating the two steps, and re-entering the same way. The intention is to build up my strength to be able to do this more often. It is so satisfying to achieve this, and it is what I see as a massive step forward in my rehabilitation. This morning I managed to do this on my own, and without using anything other than the grab rails, which pleased me considerably, and Pat too, so soon I hope I will be trying my new scooter out and starting a new learning curve.

Talking of curves – can you peel an ORANGE using only one hand?


Still boasting you see. See you soon,



Author: tonys1stroke

I am a 74 year old stroke victim (partially paralysed), but in recovery mode, who wishes to share information (in both directions) as a means of gaining improvements from our experiences.

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