I can walk further, and faster than before. (Before now I mean, not before the stroke), by the same token, as the days go by there are so many things that I can do – better mostly – that it becomes difficult to think of what to do next to feel good about. But I am trying.

Today, for example, I didn’t take a trip (that was last week) I tripped and fell again, much to my chagrin because it was after a two month break and I thought I had that under control. THE GOOD NEWS IS I managed to get myself back up and walk away from it, unhurt  completely, other than to my pride that is. Y’know it takes a whole lot of energy to get up when you’re semi crippled, and it is draining, but is immensely satisfying when it’s a first, and it lends confidence both to my wife and myself.  I’ve decided though that I will not keep practising the manoeuvre.

AM, however, taking another sort of, much more satisfying trip.Twice a day and every day I am going out of the front door, negotiating the two steps, and re-entering the same way. The intention is to build up my strength to be able to do this more often. It is so satisfying to achieve this, and it is what I see as a massive step forward in my rehabilitation. This morning I managed to do this on my own, and without using anything other than the grab rails, which pleased me considerably, and Pat too, so soon I hope I will be trying my new scooter out and starting a new learning curve.

Talking of curves – can you peel an ORANGE using only one hand?


Still boasting you see. See you soon,




You know when you’ve lived the dream when you find what you want, and get it.

It’s even more of a boost when you get a real bargain, and the other day it all came together for me – time to boast a little I think – I found a hardly used mobility scooter on the internet – only just over a year old – unmarked – cost new was £2200.00 – cost to me was a mere £600.00 – DELIVERED TO MY DOOR – so I went ahead and got it.

Pat is able to drive on it and parked it up.  The incentive levels are high for me to see it, in all it’s glory – and it IS glorious – so I managed to go out over the door step, around the bungalow to where it is parked, and after a close inspection get back in the door step and into my chair. It left me exhausted but supremely content.

So – not only have I managed to set up my means of transport for a while until I can drive again, I have also learned to get over the door step and back. A pair of good reasons to be pleased with myself. All that’s left is practice, practice, practice, physio, build up my strength and learn to drive the thing. Then start to re-join  active life again, nothing to it……………. if you say it quickly,

I’ll boast again soon.



I’m fed up with sitting here – but aren’t scooters expensive – well I think they are anyway. Even so I’m going to get one soon so that I can get out a little.

Getting it here will be a problem to overcome, I sure as hell can’t go and get it, and only big companies do next day free delivery. Still it’s only another challenge in life, and I  always rise above them, as you know.

Talking of challenges – I’ve overcome the front door step. It only took some lateral thinking  (by my physio) to get out there, and now I can look forward to freedom to roam once the scooter is mastered,

Which leads me to my dreams, I had a belter the other night, which, for a change, I remembered. I left a motorcycle in my slipstream as I competed in, and WON,  an Isle of Man TT race…..Told you I was a winner!

Don’t forget the dream – today I shall go shopping on the net to see what’s out there……I’ll let you know what is going on.

Bye for now,



Not been out so far this year, miss it like hell, they say I’m at risk of falling….. so

I suppose I will be able to drive again one day and get out and about. Until then maybe a mobility scooter will keep me in practice (if her indoors lets me) Walking is out of the question – I live at the top of a hill – also it would take too long at todays snails pace, but to get outdoors would be heaven, just think of it – fresh air, sunshine, greeting friends, seeing new things…………. ah me, so much freedom to look forward to.

It’s got to be one of my challenges, I’ll add it to my bucket list.

I’ve been statically cycling for the last couple of days to get things moving again, pity about the static bit but it is another challenge to overcome. Arms and legs are coming in for it – I can tell from the aches in my muscles it’s doing something. A good purchase that thing.

Time to give Pat a cuddle and stop this blathering on, so…. see you soon,





It’s cloudy with sunny  intervals again – bit like rehab I suppose – but highs exceed lows today.

I feel sunny most of the time,  although my arms are aching following a period of exercise on the bike. 300 Revolutions got my joints moving a bit. Tomorrow will be actual pedalling the thing on the floor – I’ll let you know when I can, through my groans.

They do say “NO PAIN – NO GAIN” so, IF  they are right I am going to gain a lot.

Looking out on the world it is one which I would like to be out in today (ignoring the high wind) – the sunny intervals are bright, the air is clear, and the birds are singing. The postman brought good news, and no unwanted advertising for a change, I have won my latest battle with the council, and I feel chipper. What more could I ask for?                                                                      Apart from lots of good health and money – it’ll come !

I’ll also let you know when that happens,  be positive -it will come.

Strawberries for tea, fresh from the farm today, so I’ll go now. (listen for the slurp.)

See you soon.



After my last I had a phone call, IT SEEMS I HAVE WON !


The local council have woken up to the fact that they have not only MADE a mistake, but they HAVE TO CORRECT IT! It may take the rest of the week but they say they will refund me with over £400.00 and reduce my future payments significantly to boot. That’s an improvement in my life to the tune of money back and a reduction in payments of about £1k per annum. It seems it is worth raising hell sometimes.

TALK ABOUT ANTI – ANTI-DEPRESSANTS  – YIPPEE!  As you can see I am back on a high again………….good things CAN happen.



You know, I’ve become depressed at my needs for anti-depressants  –  depressing innit.

Yesterday I suddenly started to cry again over silly emotional things.  Then I cried because I was crying. How silly is that. But let’s not think of that – it’s depressing. Almost makes you cry to think about it !

The good news is I’ve stopped crying in favour of laughing – it feels so much better to do. The not so good news is it took some anti’s to get me there, I’ll kick the habit one day though.

Its’ a set back, and I don’t take kindly to those,  AGAIN  though – looking on the bright side  – it sets me a challenge, and I thrive on those!


As will we over those stupid losers who subscribe to such insanity as suicide type bombs,

Hasn’t any body taught them anything? Dieing hurts sucker, and only satisfies your own stupid needs.

Still – the more of you who choose to die — the more of US who will survive and WIN – so carry on – KILL YOURSELVES – I for one won’t mind one little bit.

In fact that in itself is an ANTI – ANTI DEPRESSANT

Be here again soon.