Is that a word – if not let’s make it one.

It’s still wonderful to be here – the outside world is burgeoning – I watch it through the window, sometimes it is sunny, sometimes rainy, ALL the time its great, and when the time comes I’ll get out there and enjoy being a part of it.

Only trouble is – when will it come ?

Still working on the physiotherapy – still getting better at some of the movements – still at risk of falling (I’m getting quite good at that) – STILL quite p****d off with it all. What can I say. As my grandpa used to say “There’s many a person in the graveyard that would happily change places with us survivors”  so I just get on with it.

I have a wonderful family, who give me lots of support, and without whom I would have nothing much really, bless ’em, and I have all of you, THANK YOU for sharing this with me. It really helps to put all of this out there. So yes, I am still rehabbing – still p*****d off in many ways – but aren’t I lucky,


p.s the bruises are getting to be really colourful now.

outside of the box/stroke rehab

Outside today is where I should be – it’s warmer and sunnier than ever. The hills are green and as lovely as always, (more than can be said for me !) The sun is shining through the trees at the bottom of the garden and showing off the new growth of leaves that are so green now – the garden starts to take shape with all the colours imaginable, and the wildlife is teeming.

I wonder – do wild birds and animals have strokes ? I hope not.

The other most colourful thing is my shoulder, quite proud of it really. I looked at the carpet from up close this week again ….. VERY close, and not by choice. The carpet stays the same colour, but my shoulder changes every day as the bruise comes through.

I wonder – WHY do I fall ? (with a little practice I could get good at it.) Never mind, life goes on, as do I.

I WILL  leave the house one day, but I won’t be falling. (harder ground out there.)



Don’t know about you but I’m bored with all this. I know “it takes time” but “WHY”           I do my excercises – I try so hard –  and “VERY LITTLE PROGRESS”  So what shall I do ?

That sounds like I am moaning again, I’m not, or at  least I don’t mean to. I’m just genuinely bored with the whole thing. I spend hours trapped in my chair and surfing the net.  I  learn a lot – I travel the world in my mind, and I get a pain in my backside doing it.

Trouble is, my mind still works at full speed (and that’s very fast), my body is a bit slower, and my left leg and left arm are VERY slow to react. The end result is inevitably confusion when I try to do something, and finding something that works for us can be difficult at the best of times, It’s frustrating.  You know what it’s like – so WHAT DO YOU DO – share it with us. It’s all a part of rehab. It’s called socialisation.

Stroke Rehab

Last night I had a dream ….. I threw myself at the floor ,,,, I missed ,,,, Thank god !

But dreams can be funny things can’t they. I’ve dreamt about all sorts of things over the years, with a total lack of memory most times, I regret to say, but I do remember falling a hell of a distance a few times. (falling out of bed I guess) These days it’s more likely to be about things I remember doing that I used to really enjoy, like driving a car, for pleasure, as well for my voluntary work.   I used to take stroke victims (plus people with other problems) to hospitals and clinics all over the place, for treatment – operations etc; and really enjoyed their company. I keep telling myself “I’ll be back”, and I will one day, soon I hope. That’s a dream I won’t forget !

Actually I seem to have given up falling down (fingers crossed) but isn’t rehab a slow progress, or so it would seem to me. But I shouldn’t moan too much, cause every day I see something new, or something I can do better, so progress is being made…….slowly…VERY slowly….Although I really can’t see a return to total fitness, no matter what I do. (I don’t see that as a defeatist attitude, rather as a realistic one really) One day … I might even run a marathon.                                                                                                                                                      That’s a real dream!  but you never know, so WATCH THIS SPACE !…

Stroke Rehab

Here we go again …..It’s easy to begin to feel sorry for yourself, and in many ways there will be good reason to … but it’s EVEN EASIER to be thankful for small mercies ….. after all we are alive, aren’t we, but by heck it’s not easy to sit in this chair all day – every day – hard on your bum !, – and you are up and down for the regular trip to the toilet, albeit very slowly. Still at least I am continent, so better off than some. (when listing, in my last effort, the items that should have been included in it as an NHS supply requirement, I forgot to mention “bed bottles”, so vital I missed them off the list, but we do need them).

Enough – I digress – Talking of “Better off than some”, at least I have a carer, in the form of my long-suffering wife of many years, who helps me with all sorts of things,some more private than others, and without whom life would be a drab place to be stuck in when you’re like this, and at least I have my dignity back these days. O.k she nags me (most of them do) but her nags are keeping me on the rails so far as exercises are concerned, and when I put weight on, which is rare since my stroke, I am told about it in no uncertain terms. But still, life goes on and we manage to find plenty to laugh about.   It doesn’t matter what we laugh about (mostly my efforts) IT’S GOOD TO LAUGH, and I can look silly – very often, – really, it’s quite easy to be a fool.

I’ve been looking for hobbies to fill my days, and it’s quite surprising what is out there. Even for partially paralysed people, there are lots of things we can find to do which fulfil the important areas that to be addressed, like rehab exercise, parts of which are addressed by the movements required to get some things done, and like mental exercise that will pass away many an hour and keep us active,

It can all be sourced on the internet – another source of mental and dexterous activity in itself, – as can I….. I would really like to meet up with interested people to discuss some of the issues we face.                                                                                                                                                                                               Hope to start off a discussion group here … SOON.

Stroke Rehab

Hi everyone, I said I’d be back, and here I am,

Not much has happened recently, so not much to report……I’ve not fallen again, and  there are small improvements showing all the time, They will continue.                                Unfortunately time isn’t on our side in this instance so we need to do something about it ourselves.

Some of the improvements have been helped by those extra aids I mentioned last time – for instance, the mini exerciser has been letting me loose to have a good work out, and continues to help with flexibility problems, if this and some of the following were taken into consideration it may be a beneficial thing, both to patients and to our NHS, by saving them money. For example, the much unloved – unneeded – commode chair which I returned unused almost as soon as I got home because it just was not needed, and took up a lot of space.

What would have been good was access to things like a support sling which I really needed for my shoulder, (which is extremely painful in the joint, since it now swings loose all the time), also –

We all need to eat, and it is good to be clean about it, so the offer of things like specialised cutlery (where applicable), –  a high lipped plate to avoid spilling food, – a non leaking and non slip mug which can’t be knocked over, a non slip place mat that holds plates in place when in use(has anyone heard of a non slip glove which would help us to carry items without droppages or spillages).                                                                                       Also useful has been my tablet dispenser(although I am cutting some of them out), my leg lifter/puller to help me to get into my car, amongst other things, the wrist brace to hold my wrist in position, the foot and ankle support brace, to correct foot drop, – the grabber (which is invaluable and very versatile), the outdoor step and a grab rail which I currently use to practice stepping up and stepping down.                                                           A definitive list to help us to find suppliers, (I always use Amazon, who rely on good prices and fast delivery to promote their image), but all relevent suppliers anyway who can offer these things, and others which may be useable.

Also too, a list of those agencies that set out to help us. They are all excellent but somewhat repetative in what they offer. The only non-repetative one is the official one, but, oh boy, what a minefield it is to find your way through. Every one is entitled to some form of help, but not everyone can find it, I always worked and paid my way, I have never claimed any form of benefit, been lucky I guess, help is never easy to take, and VERY hard to find, and now that I find myself in need it took me weeks to find out about what is available, the help by the authorities to point us in the right direction would be invaluable. Try asking us for advice, you never know, we MIGHT even have some good ideas.

Sounds like one long moan I suppose, but it’s not meant to be. The object is to highlite what is available and where to get it from, and to make friends on the net. The NHS staff are really excellent, and any complaint I have is miniscule, and not worth your time to read, but the system IS at fault, and as with many things these days could be improved. It’s the usual story I guess – too many chiefs and not enough indians, poor use of available funds by the so-called “managers” who get paid far too much and don’t really earn it is leading to this situation, now is the time to act to make improvements.

MOAN OVER and thanks for reading, if anyone wants any info – just ask.

I shall carry on keeping the blog going, and sharing my rehab experiences with you, so                                                              WATCH THIS SPACE.                                                                      Full recovery can take up a whole lot of time – so can blogging – and I can be long winded.

strokes – again

HERE WE GO AGAIN…. not falling, just getting on with life…… I’ve been physioed a few times since coming home, not really enough, or really very effective. He left a print out of some exercises (which were much of the same things we used to do in hospital) useful in their own right, but really it is repetition of what I do in everyday life anyway. What I did find, which was rewarding in knowledge building, was a vast amount of useful info on the web. It is amazing the amount of time that surfing the web can take up, which is, in itself, a valuable part of rehab, as well as the therapeutic part of the manual dexterity needed, just to type. As well as the mental side of things.

On various sites I found a whole load of suggestions, of which some were really useful, and once I had picked them out, and printed the results, I was able to put them to work on my long-suffering old body. It’s surprising what can be achieved with some effort. Knowing what needs to be done is one thing. Being able to do it, safely, can be totally different as I found out on many occasions. However, in spite of some slight mishaps I am still progressing in the right direction.

Apart from physiotherapy routines, while surfing the net, I also found a lot more. Throughout my working life I was never out of employment, and so I am a fully paid up member of society. I have never been in a position to claim benefits or unemployment money, although I have used the good old NHS those times it has been urgent, and now – now that I am a stroke victim – I find that I am entitled to claim some benefits. The authorities that know about these things are very helpful. The internet has all the details of what we are entitled to, and how to get it. It is not an intrusive procedure once, or before, you get there. However you’ll need the patience of a saint to wade through the minefield that is called ” “to find out about it all. They do not make life easy that’s for sure. It depends on personal circumstances, but the rewards can make all the difference to people like us – to the tune of a three figure sum in our wallets every week! As well as all of that, you can do as I did, ask for help. Age UK were instrumental in helping me with a few things once I had swallowed my pride and said “please”

Then too I was able to find many aids that would have been invaluable from the day I escaped from hospital instead of some items they “thought” I would need. So I sent back the things I neither wanted or used, and saved my allowance to buy the things I needed. It would have been good to have them from day one, but better late than never I suppose. I could have saved the NHS a lot of money if they had said “what do you need at home” within set limits of course.

Dinner time now (using some of my acquisitions) so I’ll save the next bits for next time, It’ll worth coming back I assure you, so ……..   Watch this space…………