After my last I had a phone call, IT SEEMS I HAVE WON !


The local council have woken up to the fact that they have not only MADE a mistake, but they HAVE TO CORRECT IT! It may take the rest of the week but they say they will refund me with over £400.00 and reduce my future payments significantly to boot. That’s an improvement in my life to the tune of money back and a reduction in payments of about £1k per annum. It seems it is worth raising hell sometimes.

TALK ABOUT ANTI – ANTI-DEPRESSANTS  – YIPPEE!  As you can see I am back on a high again………….good things CAN happen.



You know, I’ve become depressed at my needs for anti-depressants  –  depressing innit.

Yesterday I suddenly started to cry again over silly emotional things.  Then I cried because I was crying. How silly is that. But let’s not think of that – it’s depressing. Almost makes you cry to think about it !

The good news is I’ve stopped crying in favour of laughing – it feels so much better to do. The not so good news is it took some anti’s to get me there, I’ll kick the habit one day though.

Its’ a set back, and I don’t take kindly to those,  AGAIN  though – looking on the bright side  – it sets me a challenge, and I thrive on those!


As will we over those stupid losers who subscribe to such insanity as suicide type bombs,

Hasn’t any body taught them anything? Dieing hurts sucker, and only satisfies your own stupid needs.

Still – the more of you who choose to die — the more of US who will survive and WIN – so carry on – KILL YOURSELVES – I for one won’t mind one little bit.

In fact that in itself is an ANTI – ANTI DEPRESSANT

Be here again soon.




I wonder who does really care. Sometimes I think NO-ONE! apart of course from those near and dear, and thank goodness for them.

I’d like to LIVE ’til I die, ….  and die I will surely  one day, as we all will – but not yet

During my life I have subscribed to the idea that I should be self funding/supporting, and so here I am – debt free and broke. I’ve spent every penny we had to support me and my wife since retiring early, and spending hours and hours being a volunteer driver to look after those who needed care, rather than beg from the nation, it gave me great pleasure to give, and now that I have arrived at the point of claiming those miniscule benefits that I am entitled to, my local council has spat on me from a great height. Should that be an” h” and not a” p” I wonder. I think SHPAT will cover it.

Instead of paying out  the small carers payment due to my wife in my infirmity, they have STOPPED all our benefits ( without a by your leave) AND added what should have been a reduction leaving us  about £250.00 short of what we need to live on – every month. We’ll try not to starve.

They have admitted that the mistake was theirs, and very kindly indicated that they MAY refund the money, which they have taken without discussion or permission,  at some date in the future, when – or presumably, IF they get round to it. GOOD OF THEM isn’t it.

So – apart from being uncharacteristically sad ( about being pissed off ) and having been shpat upon from a great height by the council – isn’t it GOOD to be here. At least I can still have a whinge.

Nothing else of moment is happening in my life, I’ve not been terrorized by any losers lately (may their god rot ’em, and our government send ’em home)  I am still shuffling on, and gaining inch by inch, as I hope you all are, and I’m still looking forward to sharing my life with you all.

See you soon



What a SAD person I must seem ……….. I’m not……..REALLY


The  local council has c****d up again.

I can live with flannel washes, just as well really, last time I was able to use a bath was several years ago because of arthritis related problems, and a shower was last had on December 12th 2016 after my stroke and before going home from hospital.

They refuse to take a CHARITABLE DONATION, which has been offered and could speed things up, but WILL put in a wet room SOMETIME (it’s a social housing old persons bungalow) but they don’t consider it to be an urgent matter! (bet they had a proper wash today, I must smell awful). One day I’ll be clean again – what a day that’ll be, I look forward so much to it.

But the real problem came this month – as a partially paralysed stroke victim I was given an attendance allowance at the highest level. (OF COURSE, as an OAP, not until I had been ill for the statutory waiting period of 6 months during which time of course I only might have been ill, (I just happened to be in hospital FOR A COUPLE OF MONTHS) It’s odd how you are considered eligable for it all until 23.59 on the last day of normal life, and then all of  sudden you become an OAP, and your rights disapear and you have to fight every step of the way, just to qualify for a reasonable standard of life, when you are least able to stand up to be counted. Maybe I should have been born abroad – I’LD GET IT ALL THEN  – AND QUICKLY !!!

My wife was also allowed to request, and got , an allowance of sorts as a carer, and that is where the real problems kicked in. MDDC have admitted they MADE A MISTAKE – Ok we all do sometimes –  even me -as they couldn’t pay us the cash, they were supposed to increase the amount of benefit given. Instead of this, which would have effectively given us an increase of about £120.00 a month in our bank, they stopped all allowances on rent and council tax, and instead took the money from our bank account.

END RESULT – adding it all up – we are around £250.00 worse off each month (at least by my reckoning) than we should be – we may eat during week 4 this month  who cares –  APPARENTLY NOT THE MID DEVON DISTRICT COUNCIL STAFF, and, they said, they might eventually refund the cash they have taken. Good of them, so far they have only got a little bit !!!

I WONDER WHEN ! The attitude of the staff throughout most of this episode leaves a lot to be desired!

When I stopped working, I supported my family totally for 7 years – never asking for help – rather than begging from the state, (which used up all our lifetime savings of around £100,000), and now in our time of need ………….


It seems NOT in the local authority offices, where the needs and feelings of others just don’t seem to count anymore.


Mean time – back on the ranch – everything else is well.

Age UK is helping us with the above , but it’s all going too slowly for me, as usual, but in spite of it all ( even the MDDC ) I’m still laughing through the pain,

Keep going folks WE WILL WIN.


(Forgive the sarcasm and the moans – it had to be said, and it’s made me feel better to say it)


Well, at least we’re alive – well I am anyway. Couldn’t wish for much more really.

The other saying we had/have is “Hard life ‘innit”some of you may remember that one. Well it still is (thank him up there), but by heck in don’t half hurt at times (his fault)

My joints are shot – especially my hip and left shoulder joints – and my ankle and wrist on the left (paralysed) side are seized up, leading to lost sleep and hours of acute pain, and my hips are up the creek, but so what – if I can feel it all, at least I am still aware, and I have found that the use of heat bags we got from Dunelm Mill a few  years ago alleviates the pain to a degree, so there is a bright side of life – as there always is if we look for it.Also  on the bright side – my son in-law repaired the shelf I broke when I fell a few months ago, and what a good job he did. Thanks pal. The help and support of close family is humbling believe me.

Too – my printer is up and running again – quickly replaced by good old Amazon. Saved the day again.

Finally my (new) physio is GOOD, and has started my wife off with exercises for me to continue my rehab with. I swear she  enjoys doing it (causing me pain I mean), but I don’t mind really – every OUCH is a step forwards, and it’ll get there one day.

So there we go again – there’s good and not so good in everything (no BAD really) and life goes on so we’ve not really much to moan about if we think about it.

I’ve weaned myself off the anti depressant tablets – half a pill a week – and so far no effects – I’ll keep you advised. I suppose I’ll let the Doctor know one day as well. I sometimes think the one who put me on them did so “just in case” because by then I was over the stroke and starting rehab, and I was not depressed at all. Still  – I can control my own life, and being happy doing it is a major plus. So  – when all’s said and done – aren’t I lucky.

See ya soon